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Let your team work on the things that really
matter and cut through the electronic clutter.

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Maximize your time for what's important

Reclaim Your Time

We want you to be able to spend your time on what’s most important to you.  How can we help?  By reducing time spent on busywork – like:

    • Data Entry issues:
      • Redundancies
      • Inaccuracies
      • Inconsistencies
    • Distribute information amongst team members or customers
      • Provide global, secure access via the internet
      • Allow teams to collaborate easily across time zones or when on the road, at home, and in the office
      • Consolidate your organization’s information to one spot (and replicate it if needed)
    • Professional and elegant custom built tools and reports:
      • Answer common requests for information
      • Improve communication and information flow between departments
      • Combine data from departments with key indicators to improve sales or any other process

    • Improve security and prevent accidental data manipulation
      • Secure and consolidate access to data to only those who need it
      • Leverage your existing logins with Single Sign On (SSO)
      • Give customers access to information applicable to them
      • Separate customer and internal employee or department information on your web site
    • Taming unwieldy processes anywhere and everywhere:
      • Lead generation
      • Order creation
      • Processing
      • Inventory control and management
      • Final delivery
      • Customer followup
      • And any other portion of your business process!

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Internal Office Automation Solutions using Microsoft Office products

Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office products are used by almost all businesses for internal business operations. Frequently there are “islands of automation” and ad hoc internally developed solutions that need to be integrated, feature-enhanced, grow and assimilate into an updated corporate workflow. HCI specializes in analyzing your current business processes, computing environment and stated enhancement needs to deliver a solution that will implement an incremental set of features allowing your business to thrive.

I want to automate Microsoft Office!

Web-facing Applications

Halder Consulting, Inc. (HCI) focuses on providing an excellent user experience across all web delivery platforms from mobile phones, to tablets, to desktops.  Custom web applications are built from the ground up for business functions such as managing systems, training, product configuration, demos, etc.  HCI can integrate your web application with existing backend systems in your business operation.

Leverage your web site to your advantage!


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Partner Solutions

Halder Consulting, Incorporated (HCI) provides tried and true infrastructure packages and components to enable Business Partner solution delivery.

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Premium WordPress Solutions

Security package for WordPress sites

Enhances an existing WordPress site with Wordfence Application firewall (continuous automated monitoring), WP Timecpasule offsite backups,  and human monitoring twice a week via our InfiniteWordPress tool for any out of date plugins or any other issues.

Features and Benefits

Rest securely with a protected WordPress site:

I need to protect some WordPress sites, help me!

Custom WordPress hosting

A complete WordPress Hosting Solution in a shared environment, including our security package described above.

Team Organization and Project Management

This product helps you operate with third party off-shore or low-cost developers. Utilizing your current developers, we will manage them, teach them to use our tools, and blend our Agile-based development process into the project management approach to help meet your goals.

Empower my team to use your tools and processes!


Ad-hoc advice such as tool selection or performance issues, review of developer’s work, etc., charged at an hourly rate.

Let us help you be more effective!

About Us

Getting to know you

Halder Consulting, Incorporated (HCI) provides computer-based solutions for businesses of all sizes. We specialize in partnering with you to understand your operational environment and meet your business needs with flexible, customized, user-friendly solutions. Our focus is partnering to become one of your Trusted Advisors for technology solutions to your challenging business needs by doing the following:

  1. Building upon your current environment with affordable, incremental improvements
  2. Delivering real business value with every project, such as
    • More efficient workflow to reduce clerical workload
    • Creative reporting to improve your business agility
    • New processes to support your growing and evolving product delivery
    • Changing workflow to support new business imperatives

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How do we do it? What can you expect?

The HCI Way

We work with your business process owners to develop a Project vision and author User Stories. The end goals are clearly defined and a prioritized feature list is created. This kicks off the iterative product delivery cycle of:

1.    User Story refinement

2.    Selection of features for the next development phase

3.    Software development and deployment

4.    Continual improvement planning by reviewing this cycle and starting the next one

Product Delivery can be on-site, via remote connection to an employee’s computer or via a Virtual Private Connection (VPN) to your network from HCI.

You purchase as many product delivery cycles as needed to accomplish your business goals and you may stop at any time.

Application support and maintenance is provided via a pre-approved time-block per month that is only billed against if used.

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