So your Access application crashed and user feedback is not specific enough to diagnose the problem? It sure would be nice if your application VBA code could send you an email with all the error details!

Well, The Smiley Coder has written and published just such a tool: Access Crash Reporter. You can find an explanation of this excellent software tool and a download there.

Unfortunately, Version 1.1 of the software posted there only supports 32-bit Access. What to do for your 64-bit Access applications? We at Halder Consulting have updated this tool to operate in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of the latest Access release. You can download it HERE. See The Smiley Coder: Access Crash Reporter web site for setup instructions and a video posted by the author.

This code can email error information to you using either the local Outlook client on the user’s PC or can send mail directly to your SMTP mail account via CDO bypassing the user’s mail client entirely. For more information about this, see Sub TSCs_submitErrorByCDO in module TSC_ErrRep_SubmitErrByMail. If using CDO for Crash Reporter or in your own application code, you will need to modify the constants declared at the beginning of this same module.

This looks like a pretty clean way to send error logs, etc, from our custom applications.

Here’s a web posting with additional info about using CDO for email: VBA – CDO Mail | DEVelopers HUT ( You may wish to use this code instead if you are generally incorporating CDO email output in your application.

Happy coding and debugging!